This tester is used to evaluate the burn-resistance of plastic according to the vertical flaming test (VB) and horizontal flaming test (HB). The tester has been improved so that the operator can conduct the test easily by using the jog dial type controller and the touch panel display also equipped with voice guidance. With these functions, the operator can concentrate in watching the condition of the test specimen while controlling the burner to adjust the distance between the flame and the test specimen. Adding the option jigs, the tester will enable to carry out other test methods (5V, VTM, HBF, HF).


Hangings6 Hangings, 20 Hangings
SpecimenW25 ± 1 mm, L140 to 155 mm, T6.30 ± 0.15 mm, Groove of R 2.38 ± 0.03 mm
Chuck DistanceMax. 75 + 1 mm
Flexing DistanceMax. 60 mm (Standard 57 + 0.5 mm)
Flexing Speed300 ± 10 times/min
Counter6 Digits Preset Counter, 6 Digits Running Counter
Temperature Range-35 to 150 °C (Refrigerator)
AccessoriesSpecimen Setting Gauge, Notching Blade
OptionNotching Device
Power SourceAC 200 V, 3-Phase, 40 A, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.)6 Hangings: W920 × D830 × H1,650 mm/ 470 kg20 Hangings: W920 × D830 × H1,650 mm/ 500 kg

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