No.120 Melt-Flow Rate (MFR, MFI, MVR, Flow Properties) Testers 【YASUDA-SEIKI】 MELT FLOW INDEX TESTER

This tester is used to measure the melt flow index of thermo-plastic. The melt flow index is acquired from the weight or the volume of the extruded specimen at a specified cylinder temperature and with a specified load of piston through the die. The tester is assorted with an automatic cleaning system which enables to perform 1 test cycle without discontinuation (option of 3 test cycles).


Hangings1 or 3 Hangings (2 kinds)
Dieφ2.095 ± 0.005 mm, L8.000 ± 0.025 mm
PistonHead Diameter φ9.474 ± 0.007 mm, Head Length L6.35 ± 0.10 mm
CylinderInner φ9.550 ± 0.007 mm, L160 mm
Temperature RangeMax. 300 °C (Option: Max. 400 °C)
Weight LoadChoose the Largest Load from 0.325, 1.20, 2.16, 3.80, 5.00, 10.00, 21.60 kgf
Test MethodMethod A: Manual (Option: Automatic)Method B: Automatic
Specimen FeedingAutomatic
Weight LoadingAutomatic
Weight ChangeManual (Option: Automatic)
Cylinder CleaningAutomatic (Solvent Cleaning can also be Automatic)
Die CleaningAutomatic
Piston CleaningManual (Option: Automatic)
Die Cleaning Rod CleaningManual (Option: Automatic)
Cleaning Gauze FeedingManual
Data ProcessingMethod A: Manual (Option: Automatic)Method B: Automatic
Method B MeasuringRotary Encoder
SoftwareWindows Compatible
AccessoriesCleaning Rod (Die, Cylinder), Solvent Cleaning Device, Specimen Cup, Cup Holder, Infundibulum, Die Gauge, Spirit Level, Dust Box, Gauze, Air Gun
OptionHastelloy Spec, Specimen Purging Device, Specimen Drying Device, Air Compressor, Temperature Calibration Device, Exhaust Fan (Standard for No.120-LABOT), Smoke-Detection Sensor (Standard for No.120-LABOT)
Power SourceAC 100 V, 1-Phase, 15 A, 50/60 HzAC 200 V, 1-Phase, 20 A, 50/60 Hz (ISO-1133-2 Compatable Type)
Air Source0.5 MPa or More
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.)1 Hanging: W675× D645 × H1,370 mm/200 kg3 Hangings: W675 × D725 × H1,370 mm/ 220 kg

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