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KRM - Services

Our KRM service strengh is, our experience more than 15 years and we have a well trained team both Yasuda Seiki Japan and Giant Force Taiwan. We provide quick service for the customer satisfaction. And our team members and the employees have good knowledge who were well trained  by our company principles.

We offer the services like Installation, Training,  Warranty, Calibration with NABL Accreditation Certificate,   AMCs, Breakdowns, etc…  After the sales report, we verify it by our parterns about the service provide to the customers.

We provide Best service
to the customers

Modern Technology

Because of the modern technology,our technology environment became to the higher level.Like usage of the modern technique of the equipment and the machines made us modernly prepared.

Certified Products

Our products and brands which we are using for the costumer needs and the satisfaction is fully certified products from the best company which could be later approved for the sales.

Success Of Products

Because of using the successful certified products is the reason for the success of our company brand and the products.

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