This tester is used to evaluate the ozone resistance of vulcanized rubber and thermo-plastic rubber when exposed to static tensile strain, to air containing a definite concentration of ozone and at a definite temperature in circumstances that exclude the effects of direct light. Also, as an option, the tester enables to conduct dynamic tensile strain. To control the Ozone Consistency, the tester adopts the ultraviolet absorption method.


Ozone Density20 to 250 pphm
Ozone GeneratorOzone Lamp
Oven Dimensions500 × 500 × 500 mm (Volume of 0.125 m3)
Ozone Density Measuring and Adjusting DeviceUltraviolet Absorption Method Indication and Recording, PID Control
Temperature RangeMax. 70 °C
TimerTest Timer (Reset Type), Lamp Life Timer (Running Type)
Static Tensile DeviceTensile Strain 0 to 100 %, 16 Hangings, Rotation Speed 2 rpm
Dynamic Tensile Device (Option)Reciprocal Motion Frequency 0.5 ± 0.025 Hz (30 ± 1.5 times/min), 12 Hangings
OptionRevolution Static Tensile Strain Device
Power SourceAC 200 V, 3-Phase, 20 A, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.)Differ by Specifications.

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