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KRM Environmental Technologies

This KRM Environmental technologies company is fully successful only for their sales, marketing, support and their best service among the customers.

And it is strongly recognised all over the india as they provide key solutions for the development for their brands. This also include the product for variety like test chambers & Polymer testing machines.

Our Mission

This technology is around the research of the development, production, production and quality assurance of numerous products. This solution also act as the solution provider for these products for a variety of verticals including Environmental test chambers & Polymer testing machines.


This environmental technology is always covered by the 2 branches,   

  •     Delhi
  •     Pune

Since we are reachable by these 2 branches, we are having head office in Chennai, to reach more peoples attractively  from this country or over some other countries. This will  enable the customer in more servable way and cover the consumer in more promptent way.


We provide the very big wide range of  world quality of Polymer Testing Machines and Environmental Test chambers to satisfy different test requirements of various companies

M/s. Yasuda Seiki Seisakusho Ltd. Japan: This is the  world leading polymer testing machines for their Plastic &  Rubber, Tape & Film, Electrical Wires, Leather/Hide,  Paper/Pulp, Fabric/Dyeing, Paint/Pigment/Ink, Custom-made/Other Material.This also provide some testing gears and  machines like Plastic & Rubber, Tape & Film, Electrical Wires, Leather/Hide, Paper/Pulp, Fabric/Dyeing, Paint/Pigment/Ink, Custom-made/Other Material.

We do Calibration with NABL Accreditation

GIANT FORCE INSTUMENT ENTERPRICE CO. Taiwan: It is professional manufacturer of the temperature and the huminity among the environmental based equipment. Not only we are co-operating with the foreign countries but the turnover and the product research development are gradually increasing.

We provide Best service
to the customers

Modern Technology

Because of the modern technology,our technology environment became to the higher level.Like usage of the modern technique of the equipment and the machines made us modernly prepared.

Certified Products

Our products and brands which we are using for the costumer needs and the satisfaction is fully certified products from the best company which could be later approved for the sales.

Success Of Products

Because of using the successful certified products is the reason for the success of our company brand and the products.

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